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Studio Time

Use the Studio

Use the facility at E1S1 to work on your project. You may either purchase a membership (which includes a some studio hours at no additional charge) or pay as you go. We have both home and industrial straight-stitch machines, sergers, pressing stations and will be adding other specialty machines including a machine for leather. An added benefit of working on your project at E1S1 is the advice and consultation from the designer that is included at no additional charge. (but there is a tip jar)

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If you just want to come in for a few hour to lay out fabric or need to use one of our industrial machines. well we are here for you

Price $10 per hour

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20 Hours Weekly

So you find yourself with a Outfit or Costume that you want a build, and you want to make a in our studio. The is why we are here. Plus we can help with the plan on how to create it.

Price $50 weekly

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60 Hours Bi Weekly

We can help with orders as well, Costume for a play, want to create your sample line and need some help with stitchers, we can help with that as well.

(hiring stitches are a seperate rate)

Price $100