Here is a very easy way to make a 2 toned color blocked dress. You should draft your pattern 1st. You want to make draft the full pattern to your measurements. the next step you measure in from the side seam in 4″.(on front and back pattern). From the under arm to the neck line the measurement should be 2″ down.

(the reason why I use the word  “should” is because you can draw any line you like)


than cut along that line. You should have 6 pattern pieces now you are ready to cut your fabric. remember to add 1/2″ seam allowance. stitch the front side panels to the center front piece. Also add the side panels to the back center piece.
Than stitch the side front seam to the side back seam and stitch the shoulder seams. A cool way to finish the raw edges is to bind them with a contrasting color or print.


Download instructions