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The Rochester Fashion Incubator will be a fashion business development group located within the Rochester city limits.  The group will:

  • Offer innovative, cost-effective, business-to-business services to designers for all phases of launching their lines;

  • Operate a retail space to showcase the work of designers;

  • Supporting the local economy by training and employing stitchers;

  • Work with the community to offer internship and mentoring programs to elementary and high school students interested in the fashion industry;

  • Operate in an ecologically responsible way


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The Rochester Fashion Incubator (The Incubator) will offer affordable studio space in which selected designers will grow and sustain their businesses.  In this professional, collaborative environment, designers will have access to education support, business mentoring and networking opportunities.

In addition to creative support, The Incubator will feature modern, eco-friendly equipment including industrial sewing machines, serger stations with servo clutch motors, and 60’ x 300” cutting stations.

The group will sponsor trade shows attracting businesses from the local areas as well as from around the world.  These events will help designers get their creative vision out to the world and will also fuel the local Rochester economy as event attendees will patronize local businesses such as hotels and restaurants.

As members of the incubator, designers will have access to industry events outside of Rochester.

An on-site photo/video production studio will facilitate the transition of designs from samples to media-ready images.

The Incubator will operate a sample showroom where it will host trunk shows where retail buyers may come to place orders.


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The Incubator will operate a retail space that will serve as a test market for the designers.  Marketing and advertising support will be offered to member designers including social media marketing and traditional media marketing (tv, radio, press).

In addition to fashions, the retail operation will feature accessories created by local designers.

This operation will create jobs in the community as staff will be required to run it.









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Garment Manufacturing

The Incubator will house a full service production facility where designers can oversee the production of their lines and have real-time quality control.  Designers will be able to produce orders as they come in, keeping production overages to a minimum.  The facility will be flexible enough to produce as few as 50 pieces with the ability to scale up to the designers’ production needs.


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Education & Community Outreach

The Incubator will run an ongoing training program to teach the necessary skills to adults who could potentially be employed in the manufacturing operation.

Working with the Rochester City School District, The Incubator will educate students in all areas of the fashion industry, including design, sewing and garment construction, textiles, fashion styling, and business development.  Students seeking higher education in fashion will receive mentorship and assistance with portfolio development and preparation for college admission.

The Incubator will seek out high school and college students who are currently studying fashion and provide them access to the same services offered to the partner designers at The Incubator.









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Ecological Responsibility

The Incubator will incorporate several Green Eco-friendly components in the building renovation and subsequently in the manufacturing operation to keep the carbon footprint to a reasonable and sustainable level.  The use of things like solar and wind energy, thermal cooling, and possible use of water cisterns to collect rain water to use during the dyeing process of fabric will be explored and implemented as well as filtering used water before it is released into the drainage and sewer systems.

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