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Changing the world a Stitch at a time

About Each 1 Stitch 1

In addition to top quality fabrics and sewing notions, Each 1 Stitch 1 Fabric Store & Design Studio will feature classes taught by experienced, knowledgeable instructors. For the experienced seamstress, tailor and designer, Each 1 Stitch 1 will make available professional grade cutting, sewing stations for your personal and business use. Each 1 Stitch 1 is committed to showcasing local talent and will host showcases and other events featuring local designers, crafters and artisans.

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Learning to drape is one of the most inspirational and creative ways to designing new and exciting looks.

Working hands on with actual materials gives a designer greater control of the flow and performance of fabric. A designer can easily see fit, balance, proportions and styling of a design by draping.

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Here at Each 1 Stitch 1 We offer a varity of specialized workshops.

which include pockets such as Lined patched, Slot, Bellows,Welt and Side pockets. Buttonhole, Bonded, piped  as well as cuffs, collars, darts,facings and finishes,

We are happy to tailor workshops to your  needs.

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Fabrics are are a mystery all there own. We enjoy helping you find the perfect fabric for your project,

There are many to choose from and they all give a different moods, emotions and stories, "You will either wear fabric or fabric will wear you".

It is one of the most important choices you will make.